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The Perfect Traveling Gift If You’re Going Home For The Holidays

This year is my first year since moving to Texas that I’m going home to North Carolina for the holiday. To say I’m excited would be an understatement. That being said, when I was booking my ticket to fly back home, two stressful thoughts came to mind:

  1. Why the eff are tickets so high around the holidays? I am basically paying double what I normally pay to go home.
  2. How am I going to bring gifts for everyone to Charlotte without having to check a bag?
Me pretending to have it together while also stressing about holiday gifts for my peeps.

The first one I just had to get over. Spending time with the fam was worth more to me than the price of those overpriced tickets. The second one though, was a huge concern. Not only did I have to shop to Christmas presents, I had to make sure they were small enough to fit in my carry on (with a week’s worth of clothes).

I’m not normally one to give gift cards to people because there are too many factors that come into place. Does this person want to shop at the store I got the gift card at? Even if they do shop there, would they even spend this much money at the store in a visit? Who knows? Not me! That’s why I was thrilled to be introduced to Happy Cards.

Happy Cards are gift cards that can be used at different retailers and restaurants. There are cards for the Happy Lady in your life, and ones for the Happy Guy. Ones for them to grab Happy Bites and ones for a Happy Bride. The list goes on and on, but basically each card has a curated group of brands that the person you’re gifting can shop at! That way, they aren’t stuck trying to use a gift card at one place, unless they want to!

I love that I can get a Happy Student card for my brother, so he has one less thing to worry about next semester, and a Happy Lady card for my mom, so she can spend a day on herself (instead of worrying about all of us). My dad will definitely appreciate the Happy Dining card!

It’s really one of the best gifting ideas I’ve seen in a while, and it won’t take up any space in my suitcase. (Which means more room for furry vests and camera equipment mwahaha).

If given the choice, which Happy Card would you want to be gifted and why? Let me know in the comments below!

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