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The PilatesBarre vs. The TreadBarre

I was THIS close to writing a boring gym review about PilatesBarre and Treadbarre, similar to ones I’ve done in the past. But eff that, I don’t want to tell you things about the gym that you can easily look up! I’m here to tell you the real, how did I feel going into the gym, how bad did I die during the workout, and how did I feel afterwards!



A few of the Dallas Fitness Ambassadors and I went to The PilatesBarre & The TreadBarre recently to try their workouts. The studios are less than a block away from each other, so we did 30 minutes in each class. My group went to The TreadBarre first, and it was interesting to say the least.


The TreadBarre

When I walked into the studio, I saw all of the machines I hate the most and almost turned around right then and there. There was a treadmill,  that god forsaken pilates box, and my beloved weights and aerobics step thingy. Despite the fact that I used to run a lot when I lived in NC, my out of shape butt can’t STAND running these days. Seriously, I am out of breath, sweating, and complaining almost every time I do it. So I just knew I was going to hate this workout at default.

We started out running (go figure) but the instructor told us we could walk if we wanted to. SCORE! That was like music to my ears and I would have stuck to my lazy plan had it not been for my friend Brittany and her skinny-person energy getting me pumped up. This girl was straight up dancing while running on the treadmill and danget, I couldn’t NOT follow suit. So I ran (most of the time) and danced (some of the time) and survived!

Thankfully, God was listening to my prayers and we didn’t even TOUCH the pilates boxes. (If you don’t get why I hate them, go check out this post from when I visited another studio and legit almost became extinct.) However, that didn’t mean it was all downhill from there. We were quickly escorted over to the weights portion of our workout.

Now I like lifting weights. NORMALLY its slow and steady and makes me feel strong. But they had us hopping all over the place! I was using my legs way more than I should have been after running 10 miles 1 mile on the treadmill! But nevertheless I pushed through and finished…….the first 5 minutes of weightlifting then I gave up. BAHAHA I was TIRED and I needed a break. Lol my break ended up lasting too long because before I knew it we were stretching. BAHAHAHA I did that part.


The PilatesBarre

After we finished “our” hard workout, we walked (slowly) over to The PilatesBarre. Pilates has always been one of my favorite workouts so I was excited for this bit!

[supsystic-gallery id=32]

I’m pretty sure the instructor took a little pity on us because she knew what all we just went through. Nevertheless the workout was tough but awesome! We worked on mostly upper body doing moves I’ve never tried in previous pilates classes! I think that’s one of my favorite things about pilates – no two classes are the same.

I always know I’ve had a good workout when I’m too tired to stretch.By the end of this class I was sitting on the bench so tired that I couldn’t even pose for pictures Brittany was taking of me.

Yay or Nay

In all honesty, I loved Pilatesbarre more than I did the tread class. While I was proud of myself for running as much as I did, that just isn’t my thing right now. It wasn’t a bad class, I just prefer pilates more because I feel like it really concentrates on defining my muscles. Plus it’s weirdly relaxing to me.

If you’re a runner, you’ll probably love Treadbarre. If you avoid running unless its to save your life, you’ll probably like Pilatesbarre better.

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Which class would you try if you had the chance? Let me know in the comments below!