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4 Things You Should Improve In Your Late 20s

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This post is sponsored by Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant, but y’all know I only  speak my blunt truth! Sponsored posts like this help me bring more great content to you, which is my every day goal!

First of all, I think we all deserve a pat on the back for making it to our late 20’s and still looking this fly! I mean, we made it through horrible break-ups, drunk college nights, and classes that we never thought we’d pass. Or was that just me? Irregardless, we are amazing #bossbabes now and that’s something to be proud off! However, there are some habits that are hard to break – and that’s where this post comes in. As #flawless as Beyonce tells us we are, there are still a few areas in our life that could use an upgrade  (See what I did there? No? Okay!) These are some of the things that we have GOT to improve now that we’re pushing 30!

Finding Your Tribe

I’ve said this time and time again – its important to surround yourself with positive people that are standing in your corner! As women especially, we need our tribe to get through the good times and the bad times alike. A few tips I have for making sure someone truly deserves that prized spot in your tribe:

They keep it all the way real with you!

Its great to have a few gal pals to turn to when you want to go out on the town, but you also need friends that you can have REAL discussions with. Now I’m not saying you need to surround yourself with people that are JUST like you – diversity is a beautiful thing. For instance, I have friends that have different religious beliefs, political stands, and lifestyles than I do. To me, that’s normal. The beautiful thing about having a diverse group of real friends is that you can talk about those differences without feeling judged!

They get as excited for your wins as you do!

My friends know my struggles and I know theirs. Because of that, we get SUPER excited to hear about the successes of one another. We are constantly rooting each other on and when one of us grows, we all grow! If a “friend” is getting jealous of your successes or not celebrating those wins, they may not deserve your dopeness!

They text you just to check in or talk!

The most ANNOYING thing in the world is when people only text me when they want something. Either asking for a favor or seeing if I want to go do something with them. DOn’t get me wrong, my tribe does this too BUT they also text me randomly just to check in or let me know about some petty behavior they were recently a part of. If someone is only texting you with questions or demands, chances are they don’t deserve your friendship. Watch them girl and call it what it is!

Staying Moisturized Where It Counts

It wasn’t until these last couple years that I started recognizing awkward changes in my body. Gone are the days when I can wake up and throw on clothes without moisturizing every inch of my bod! Of course, lathering up my legs has ALWAYS been in my routine. But it wasn’t until recently that I started thinking around a not so obvious place that needs moisturizing – my arm pits!

I remember I watched an episode of RHONY and Ramona admitted to getting botox in her arm pits! That moment will always stay with me. I remember thinking, “Wait..our armpits start looking old too?!” Uhhh, yeah. They do. This is gonna make me sound really weird – but I feel like y’all already know that about me. After seeing that episode I started checking out people’s pits. I KNOW ITS WEIRD! But I noticed that some older women did have more going on under there! INSANE.

I refused to let that happen to me so I started moisturizing daily. It wasn’t until recently that I learned there is a deodorant that does the moisturizing for you – so I decided to trade up. Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant is my new deodorant of choice! Unlike the dry, powdery deodorants that I used to use, this stuff leaves your underarms softer and smoother after just three days!

Not to mention it keeps you smelling fresh for 48 hours! When you workout as much as I do, that’s really important! Not to mention, as a woman of color, I NEED a deodorant that is basically invisible! My pits don’t need any extra attention! Bottom line – moisturize your pits and keep them fresh with Dove Advanced Care. Then thank me in 10 years when you have the underarms of a 20 year old!

Putting Your Health First

By this point in your life, you know that diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity are REAL…and possible for anyone. No matter where you are right now, you can start taking better care of yourself – and you should. Eating healthier and adding some activity to your day is more important now than ever. For me, its all about balance. I eat as many veggies as I can with every meal but I still enjoy the occasional pizza (notice I didn’t say slice…your girl goes in). What i’m saying is don’t ignore it when your health starts declining. Don’t you wanna be a hot grandma? Those are goals for me! haha

Arting Your Craft

At this point in your life, you probably know what things you’re passionate about. For me, its blogging and event planning. While you’re probably already done with college, you should still try to learn new things about your craft daily! If you’re a blogger like me, enroll in some workshops to figure out how to grow and expand! If you’re a teacher, find one of the vets and take their word on how to deal with different situations that may arise. If you’re an artist, talk with other artists! You can learn so much by just asking people you look up to about their craft – and chances are they’d love to talk to you about it.


Can you relate? Did I miss anything here? (Probably! I’m still learning myself.) Leave your tips in the comments below!

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This post was sponsored by Dove Advanced Care Antiperspirant, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own