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There are a ton of Youtube fitness channels out there, but sometimes it can be hard to find ones that give you the workout you need. While I try to do most of my workouts in the gym, sometimes I just don’t make it! Days like that, I need to get it in without leaving my humble abode. But I also need some direction! (This is where those Youtube fitness channels come in handy!)



This girl is all about the SWEAT! From strength training to dance parties to pilates videos, she does IT ALL! Don’t be fooled by her size or smile, this girl is not afraid to KICK YOUR BUTT into shape!

Fitness Blender

This active couple is the epitome of #relationshipgoals! Not only do they get fit together, but they’re all about those weights! If you’re looking for a quick strength training workout and your goal is to build muscle, head over to their channel and get ready to feel the burn!


The Fitness Marshall

If you feel the need to twerk and get your workout on, this channel is for you! He breaks down the dance moves in a way that even a girl with two left feet like me can catch on!

Tone It Up

These beach babes are just a big glass of fun! Not only do they have an AWESOME fitness channel, but they created a community of girls to go right along with them!


Yoga With Adriene

Adrienne keeps it calm, cool, and collective with her yoga series. What I love about her channel is that she keeps it casual and doesn’t take herself too seriously! Plus she has an awesome beginner’s series that even a first timer can get their zen on.



Welp, those are my top 5 YouTube fitness channels! No matter what your goals are, or what type of workout you’re looking for, you can find a free version online!


Do you do workouts from home? What are your favorite fitness channels?


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Top 5 Youtube Fitness Channels

Ginger Marie

I'm a thirty-something lifestyle blogger who tries not to take life too seriously. I think laughing and running are the cure to everything especially when its done in a new city. I think a balanced diet is important, and that they're much easier when they include chocolate. :)

  1. I love love love yoga with Adrienne and love fitness blender. I have never heard of the fitness Marshall but I have a strong feeling I won’t like them lol I’m already a tone it up girl and I like some of their videos

  2. I love Yoga with Adrienne! She’s hilarious! I can’t do yoga that takes itself seriously so I’m loving hers. I’ve also done some Blogilates stuff (her ABC abs? Killer!) but I’m going to have to check the rest of these out.

  3. Very informative and useful post! I too love the Yoga video, and the Tone It Up girls are just too funny! Thanks for sharing

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