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Trader Joe’s Haul February 2021

I haven’t been to Trader Joe’s all year, which means it was high time for me to crave their famous Cookie Butter Cookies! Here’s what else I got. SPOILER ALERT: There’s a lot of healthy stuff and a lot of not. I’m trying to eat minimal dairy this week (because I’m lactose intolerant) but that doesn’t mean i’m skimping on flava.

The Meats

This week, I’m trying to eat healthy so I’m doing pork tacos, and some kind of chicken veggie dish. I grabbed some brats for lunch and some ham for cheeseless omelets.

The Produce

I got lots of fruit this week in hopes of eating that as snacks. Also grabbed quite a few of my favorite veggies. In today’s trip I got blueberries, blackberries seasoned brussel sprouts, meyer lemons, grapes, broccoli, arugula, shitake mushrooms, mirepoix, tomatoes and an onion!

The Sides

I HAD to buy this vegan mac. Can’t wait to see if it’s tasty. Full disclosure, I’ve never had a vegan cheese in my life that was good. So hoping this changes my mind. I’m also trying this new bulgogi beef fried rice with kimchi. Thinking it will be great as part of a salad. I’ve had the country potatoes before and love them! I get them almost every time.

The Drinks

I was craving lemonade so I bought it. Then I passed this Purple Power juice blend and had to try it! This Sparkling Coconut Water with Yuzu is one of the most refreshing drinks. I love it so much – wish it came with more cans!!

The Sweets

I really was trying to be healthy buuuuut, the way these cookie butter shortbread cookies are set up….. To even it out, I did buy some vegan popsicles that I’m sure will be delicious!

The Snacks

I mean, I had to get snacks. The spiced mango slices are my FAVORITE! Everything esle is new to me. Almond Butter Almonds sounded delicious. As did this mediterranean hummus. I was intrigued by the Bazaar Basket Snack Mix because it has sour cherries. And well, you know I love sour anything. I also picked up some popcorn for prime tv binging!

Le Necessaire

I mean, I got rice because I needed rice and peppers because they’re quick and easily added into any recipe.

The Randos

I literally went to TJ because I wanted more Split Pea Soup. While grabbing it, I noticed this Lentil Veggie Soup and had to get it. I also grabbed some High Fiber Cereal so I can stay regular lol. And Plantain Croutons to add to my arugula salad. I couldn’t pass up these new Pickled Fermented Jalapeno Slices and can confirm that they are spicier than regular jalapenso. I also saw that they started selling Za’atar seasoning and cant wait to mix it with olive oil for dipping bread in.

Welp, that’s what I got for Trader Joes. Would love to hear what you get when you head to the store. Let me know in the comments below or tag me in your stories on your next TJ haul!