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Training For My First Komen 3-Day®

Y’all! I’m less than a month away from my first Susan G. Komen 3-Day ®. I’ve been training my little butt off trying to prepare my body for the 60-mile trek. I can’t wait to be there surrounded by so many inspirational women! My training for the walk has actually coincided with my 100 Days of Healthy Habits. While 20-miles per day sounds like an awful lot, I think my workout regimen will help me finish it strong! Here’s what I’m doing to train.



Lots of Walking

This sounds pretty obvious, but it’s something that has to be done. While I haven’t walked a full 20 miles at once yet, I have been walking as much as possible. From walking on lunch breaks to taking planned walks around the lake,  I really get steps in as often as I can. Some walks are way shorter than others. So far, my longest walk has been about 10 miles! The biggest takeaway I had from that one was the importance of staying hydrated! I got fatigued towards the end. Not because my body was weak, but because I was so very thirsty. Thankfully, there are plenty of drink stations on my walk at the Komen 3-Day®!


PAY ATTENTION! I know you’re looking at the background of this picture but get it together, girl.

Barre Classes

Taking barre classes has helped me build the muscles I’ll need for the walk. Luckily, my friend Janna teaches barre and has given me some pointers and free sessions. She actually posts videos on her Instagram all the time if you’d like to check them out. Nothing makes you want to work out more than your friend with the 8-pack rocking her pliés!



There’s nothing like a little cardio to whip your butt into shape. All that jumping around is super annoying in the beginning. Mainly because I felt like I’d never be able to keep up. But the thing about doing workouts repeatedly is that your body gets better and better every time! I’ve been doing everything!  Bootcamp classes with Dallas Fitness Ambassadors, to dance sessions in my living room. It’s really helped me build up my endurance which will hopefully help me on the Komen 3-Day®!



What do I have left before my Komen 3-Day® walk next month?

The last thing I will be focussing on this month is packing all of the items I’ll need for the walk! The Komen 3-Day® community has been super supportive. They’ve provided me with lists of items I need to remember for my trip. One of the most necessary things is anti-chaffing products. Apparently, that is one of the biggest things that can go wrong on the walk. I also need to get items to sleep with in my tent – like an air mattress and sleeping bag.


I couldn’t be more excited (and admittedly nervous) for the 60-mile walk! I really hope that my training will help me push through. Luckily, if I do get too exhausted, there are trucks that will come by and take me to the next stop if need-be! You guys can keep up with everything going on by watching my Instastories November 3-5! It will be an amazing time and I would LOVE to get support from each of you during my walk. I’m looking forward to it and can’t wait to get to steppin’!


This post is sponsored by Susan G. Komen® through my partnership with Fit Approach. However, all opinions are my own.