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Ultimate Adult Slumber Party Checklist

Remember how excited you would get being invited to slumber parties when you were a kid? It was a night away from parents, siblings, and all responsibilities (which at that age was probably just making your bed and putting away the dishes.) You get to go hang out with your gal pals wearing your comfiest pajamas and talk about all the boys you had crushes on. Well spoiler alert, slumber parties as adults are the same but with wine. In case you need a quick refresher on what to do, here’s a few of my favorite things!

Bring your favorite PJ’s!

You already know SOMEONE is going to snap some pics or Instagram stories at some point during the night, so whatever you do DON’T GET CAUGHT SLIPPIN! Of course there are levels to this – I keep it low key, throw on some cute pj’s and call it a day. My friend Vanessa does a cute hairdo, earrings, and a lippy then badabing badaboom. Tara is extra af and goes full glam but somehow makes it look effortless. Whatever tickles your fancy, DO THAT!

Make ALL the foods!

Honestly, it’s not a slumber party if you don’t pig out on yummy foods! (Don’t worry, calories don’t count when you’re having this much fun.) Sprouts Farmer’s Market hooked us up with a gift card so we could pick out all of our favorite things – so we did just that.

There are two types of people in the world – people who buy their food ready made so you just have to heat it up in the oven or microwave, and people like me who like to cook everything from scratch! My girls and I are all different types so our food situation was LIT!

We stocked up on Sprouts Brand Everything Hot Dog bites, Pastries, Buffalo Style Cauliflower Bites and more! We even got toppings for a pizza bar, some ready-made chicken wings, and ingredients for me to make my Buffalo Chicken Benedict!

While the food was so food, the most fun part was cooking and laughing with my girls. There’s just something about food that brings people together in the best of ways. Also, it’s fun seeing who goes by the book when cooking, and who cooks with “feeling”! Baha you can probably guess which one I am.

Build a fort…

…but make it cute! What’s a slumber party without a fort? We were geeking over the fort Tara built! It was so bright and dreamy. From what I gathered she purchased some sheets and thin linens then hung some string lights to give it that starlight star-bright feel.

We grabbed some candy, ice cream, and champagne we bought from Sprouts and had the best time cracking up over adulthood in the fort. Honestly, it is now a life goal of mine to have an entire room that feels like a fort for those days I need a little r+r.

Share the gossip!

Honestly, (I keep saying that but FOR REAL) this is the best part of having a slumber party. I want to hear about all of the boy/girl problems, all of the fun projects my friends have coming up, any trips they’re taking that I can invite myself too. I want to hear it ALL and what better time to do that then now? My friends and I pretty much chat about this kind of stuff no matter where we are but there’s something about being in one of our homes that brings out the GOOD stuff! haha

Did someone say spa day?

I bring over all of my favorite nail colors, face masks, and essential oils because what is a sleepover without a little self-care? While I may not have really needed them as a kid, these days face masks and essential oils are a PRIORITY. Gotta keep this skin glowing and radiant, am I right? I know it’s a bit cliche but painting nails and gossiping about the latest reality tv show will never go out of style.

Binge all the shows + movies!

Romcoms, thrillers, and Housewives – oh my! Is there even anything better than watching a movie and laughing about “what you would have done” in their situation? NO! I always come prepared with a list of my current favorite shows to watch. Even if you’re not really paying attention (because HELLO, foods, wines, and friends are distracting you), it’s still fun to have a little background noise.

Those are just some of my favorite things to do at slumber parties as an adult. Personally, I think as long as you have good frineds, wine, and yummy food you’re setting yourself up for a good time – all the rest is just extra.