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Ultimate USA Weekend Trip Bucket List

If you work a 9-5, you know weekend trips are the way to go! Sometimes a girl just needs to get away. Retreat. Abort. Run (or fly). No matter if you need a 3-day or a 4-day weekend trip, these are some of my favorite places to go. Bonus: If you live in Dallas-Fort Worth, these places are just a 2-4 hour flight (or drive) away.

Bentonville, Arkansas

If charming, small-town feels are what you’re going for, head to Northwest Arkansas! A nature-loving town and birthplace of Walmart, it has tasty restaurants, one of my favorite coffee shops, and it’s main attraction – Crystal Bridges.

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

People who have never been always roll their eyes when I tell them that OKC is fun. I get it, but hear me out. They have some pretty amazing restaurants, my favorite spa in the world (seriously), and SO MANY ACTIVITIES. You can do water sports, shop local boutiques, ride a boat through the city and stay at a dope hotel. Check out my OKC Travel Guide here.

Austin, Texas

Austin is one of the coolest cities around. Famous for it’s festivals, music, and laid back “weird” culture. I love how nature-friendly and hipster this city is. They also have some amazing food. I mean Whole Foods started here and that says a TON about what the city is all about. I mean, I was able to make my own dairy-free food tour the last time I was there without even trying!

Shreveport, Louisiana

Shreveport is a city with so much culture! You can see it from the murals painted on buildings to the low country food that you’ll find outside of gas stations. It reminds me of a mini New Orleans. Lots of casinos, creole/Cajun food, and music. I go at least once a year, and honestly I normally just make a day out of it, but it’s such a cool place to be. Even better? You can sometimes get a room at one of the casinos for like $50 per night – which is insane because they’re REALLY nice! Check out that one time I went with my mom here. Oh, and if you plan to stay overnight, here’s my review of Margaritaville.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is one of the coolest cities I’ve visited HANDS DOWN. OMG there is SO MUCH FOOD and so many different types of food and they all do it right! It’s really weird because you’ll be driving down the street and one blog will be super fancy and the next block will be super NOT, but honestly I loved it. One thing I didn’t know was that San Fran has beaches, mountains, and a million hills. There’s also lots of outdoor shopping and some fun parks you can visit. I’ll be doing a post soon on what all you can do in San Fran, but if you’re looking for places to eat, I got you boo!7

Norman, Oklahoma

If you love sports or weather (yes, weather), you’re going to love this small town! Home to the University of Oklahoma, it’s a college town with a ton of charm. It’s also where the National Weather Center is located. When you’re in town you HAVE to do a tour! You also have to grab some grub at their local eateries. For a small town they have some dang good food. To see my list of other things you have to do while in Norman, check out this post!

Charlotte, North Carolina

Okay, I may be a little biased since I lived here for so long. But Charlotte really is a fun place to go on a weekend trip! Not only is there delicious food like everywhere, but there’s lots of fun things to do too! It has the Whitewater Center where you can go rafting or stand up paddle boarding, two sports stadiums downtown, and some of the best nightlife you’ll find outside of Vegas. You can find all of my go-to spots in this travel guide that I update frequently.

Chicago, Illinois

Honestly, Chicago was one of the most beautiful urban cities I’ve ever been too. I mean, there’s a dang river running through the middle of it! I like Chicago for a weekend trip because they have great food, a fun party scene (both day and night), and because it’s super walkable!


Have you ever been to these cities? Did I leave anything out? Let me know in the comments below. And be sure to save/pin/share this blog post so you can have some travel inspo in the future!