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Video: Sushi Marquee Review

This meal was hosted. Although I received my meal for free, all opinions are my own.
It goes without saying that the sushi at Sushi Marquee is great. The real surprise is where the hot food lies. I was recently invited to a media dinner at the newest restaurant at The Star.



Pleasantly surprised by the menu, while also a bit nervous about how diverse it was. I mean Wagyu Spring Rolls and Lamb Lollipops don’t sound like items you’d find at a sushi place, right? Well I tried to keep my mind and my mouth open, because I’ve never been one to turn down free food. The real question is, would I go back and pay real money for the food that was to come.



The Sushi

The sushi and sashimi at Sushi Marquee were bomb! While the selection was pretty standard, I was impressed by how fresh it all was. I’m a huge fan of places that serve thick slices of sashimi and Sushi Marquee did not dissappoint.



They also offer  Seared Tuna Salad and Chicken & Onion Soup that are both full of flavor.



I’m currently drooling just thinking of the hot food.


Let me start with what I wasn’t a huge fan of, since the rest is just me giving maaaaad compliments. The Dynamite Rock Shrimp had the makings of what could’ve been a great dish. It was beautiful, crispy, and cooked to perfection. What it lacked was flavor. I wonder if maybe the sauce mine was tossed it just wasn’t seasoned enough. No clue, but this was definitely my least favorite. I wish it had more sweet, more spice, and maybe more salt. At least it was pretty!



My favorite and most memorable dish from the night, were the Wagyu Spring Rolls. Ughh they were so good. It was like eating a fancy, fried philly cheesesteak spring roll. But better, if that’s possible.



If I’m being totally honest, I’m not normally a fan of lamb. It looks great but it always has a funky taste to it. The Lamb Lollipops with Cilantro Lime Sauce, however, was really good. I don’t know if it was the sauce, or the way it was grilled, but it is definitely Ginger approved!



During the third course, they served a Glazed Miso Sea Bass with soba noodles and asparagus. It was so moist and flaky. I pretty much ate mine in two bites – one because it was so good, and two because I was pretty tipsy at this point. More info on the drinks to come, but MAN. I was even impressed with the soba noodles and asparagus!



The drinks kept coming!

When we walked in, they gave us some sparkling sake. Each of our courses came with a different sake. Plus, they had 3 signature drinks at the bar to try too! Needless to say I was a little tipsy after the event. I was also super grateful for the bus they rented to take everyone back to Dallas!





The verdict!

I would DEFINITELY go back to Sushi Marquee. From it’s 80’s and 90’s inspired theme, to the delicious food – everything was on point. The service was phenomenal and the owners are so passionate about every detail of the restaurant. I predict they will have a long run at The Star.


Me trying to think in my head when I can make it back to this restaurant. I didn’t have my calendar but I knew I’d want some more Wagyu¬†Spring Rolls.