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Weekend Itinerary to Chickasaw Country, Oklahoma

 A few months ago (yes, months) I went to Chickasaw Country in Oklahoma to see what the small towns had to offer to travelers. Turns out, there is tons to do there! I finally found my lost memory card, so I’m excited to share with y’all a weekend itinerary in case you ever want to take a road trip out to Chickasaw Country!



10 AM – Stop by Scout Cafe in Ardmore, OK for lunch

Grab a light lunch at Scout Café, the cutest little place in the heard of Ardmore. They have salads, sandwiches, and Build Your Own plates. I was a huge fan of their sweet tea (because it’s sweet like back home) and their hummus!

11:30 PM – Check out the art at the Charles B. Goddard Center

After you fill up on your tasty salad, head around the corner and check out this art center! They host shows throughout the year, but they also have a quaint museum where you can check out the work of local artists. Don’t be afraid to strike a pose with the statues outside either. I definitely wasn’t.

2 PM – Dive deep into B-Western nostalgia at the Gene Autry Museum

Do you remember those old western movies with the singing cowboys and lovely ladies? Well those 1930’s classics are celebrated at this museum. If you’re driving in the middle of nowhere and start to wonder where the heck your GPS is taking you, you’re on the right track! It’s probably right around the corner.

4 PM – Check into The Artesian Hotel in Sulphur, OK

You’re probably a little tired by now, so rest up at the hotel! There are pools and steem rooms that you can visit while you’re waiting to do something for dinner. Not only is the hotel super close to the Chickasaw Nation Recreation Center (more on that in a bit), it is also attached to shops and right down the street from tomorrow’s breakfast spot! Oh, and it’s also connected to a casino if you’re into that sort of thing. SPOILER ALERT: I am.

7 PM – Grab dinner and a night cap at Vintage 22 in Ada, OK

Now I’m going to warn you, this bar is a bit of a drive from The Artesian Hotel, but its got some of the best people watching in town! They have live music, an upstairs event space, and a pretty cool patio. We met a guy from England while we were there and he was crazy, but made for a pretty entertaining night.

I’m going to have to recommend you get a good night’s sleep because tomorrow is FULL of activities! You adrenaline junkies are going to appreciate this one. You scaredy cats like me will too, but it’ll take some getting used to.


8 AM – Breakfast at Red Bandana in Sulphur, OK

Walk about a block down the street from your hotel, and you’ll run into the Red Bandana. They have all the basics covered for breakfast, but they also have GIGANTIC cinnamon rolls that you HAVE to try. Janna didn’t let me taste any of hers but it looked delicious ?

10 AM – Go muddin’ at Cross Bar Ranch in Davis, OK

This was hands down my favorite part of the trip. It was the most adventurous thing I’ve done all year and I enjoyed every second of it. When we showed up, we thought we’d be driving four wheelers through the ranch and living our best lives on our own. Luckily, the owners had other plans for us, and told us to hop our city butts in the passenger seats of Ashley, our guide’s, Jeep Wrangler. Bruh. It was AMAZING. I was so scared the entire time but so excited every time we crawled up a steep mountain or were basically on two tires facing the ground. YOU MUST GO

1 PM – Grab an enormous lunch at Main Street Restaurant in Davis, OK

You’ll probably underestimate this restaurant when you drive up to it, but as soon as you come inside, they will set you straight. Their portion sizes are MASSIVE. Everything you order comes with a salad bar. And they have a buffet if you’re feeling extra hungry. I was starving by the time we got here but couldn’t even finish a quarter of the food in front of me. It was so big and SO GOOD! I’d love to say ‘get this’ or ‘get that’ but honestly, everything was delicious.

2:30 PM – Head up to Turner Falls and do the zip line if you dare.

But if you’re not quite that adventurous *insert hand raising emoji* the views of the waterfalls are more than enough! I watched Janna ride the zipline over the waterfalls and she looked like she was having fun. I, however, already had enough adventure for one day.

3:30 PM – Go put your life on the line at Air Donkey Zipline Adventures in Davis, OK

If you’re still feeling up for adventure, head back to Air Donkey Zipline Adventures. By this point, I was adventured out. But, OF COURSE, Janna the wanderer wanted to do the ziplines here too. Bahaha. She loved it and honestly it looked like a lot of fun. My but rump stayed on the ground and took pictures.

5:00 PM – Grab some chocolate at Bedre in Davis, OK

Don’t you dare drive past this place thrice without stopping for some chocolate. It’s delicious and if you’re lucky, you’ll get to watch people make chocolate right in front of you.

6:00 PM – Get some dinner back at The Springs in the hotel.

Girl, treat yourself to a big meal. You deserve it after all of that excitement today. The Springs has everything from salad, to steak, to burgers, to seafood. So a little something for everyone.

8:00 PM – Go try your luck at the casino.

But if you hit big, you have to let me hold $20 since I recommended it.


8:00 AM Go for a morning hike at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur, OK

This is one of the prettiest hikes I’ve been on in the south. There are little waterfalls all over the place, and a combination of paths and trails (so you can switch up your scenery). There’s even a little building you can go in to see what animals are native to the land. But watch out because they have snakes in there. They’re in glass cages, but still.

11:00 AM Stop by Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies in Davis, OK

You HAVE to stop by this place, even if you’re only getting frozen pies to cook at home. They’re PACKED from the moment they open, but it’s only because these pies are so good. I highly recommend you get a handful of their sweet pies.

12:00 AM Finish off your trip with lunch at Casa Romo Cocina Mexicana in Ardmore, OK

Your trip has pretty much come full circle now. You’re right back where you started. This Mexican spot was pretty packed when we visited, but after tasting the food I see why. Their fajitas were off the chain and the margaritas were even better!

Well there you have it. An itinerary for a full weekend’s stay in Chickasaw Country. I had so much fun when I visited, and I’m definitely going back to Cross Bar Ranch next year! If there’s anything you think I missed and should try out on my next visit, let me know in the comments below. Or, if you’re a newbie like me, you can check out to see what they have to offer! Until then, check out some of my other fun travel posts from around the US and beyond!