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Raw, Unedited Answers on What I Want Out of Life

What is the purpose of life? It’s a question that has weighed heavily on me for the past few years. When I look at all the loved ones I’ve lost, or the craziness going on in the world, I can’t help but ask myself, “What is this all for?” I may never know the answer to that. But when I was checking my email this morning I came across one from Create & Cultivate that read, “12 questions to *really* nail down your life mission.” I was intrigued

When I clicked through to their blog post, I found the questions below. I knew from reading the first question that this was going to give me some guidance. I may not know the purpose of life, but I think this will help me lay out who I want to be and what I’m working towards.

So here I am, being completely vulnerable and sharing my answers with you. I haven’t read over all of these questions yet, because I want to give my raw thoughts and opinions. Here we go.

1. Visualize yourself in 10 years. What do you see for yourself? What/who do you see yourself surrounded with? What do you see yourself doing? 

In 10 years, I see myself with a husband and two kids. Family has always been important to me. I see myself running Ginger Marie Creative (hopefully I’ve come up with a better name by then) successfully and being an empowering leader to my two or more employees. The grandparents (my parents) and uncle (my brother) are in town to hang out with me, the hubster, and our kids. We live in a nice house/townhouse with a yard that the kids play in constantly. My friends and their spouses come over all the time for cookouts and game nights. We are all in a good place in life and truly happy.

2. What do you feel the most fearful of right now?

The three things I’m most fearful of are losing the ones I love, never getting married to the person God has for me, and not being happy in my career.

3. What are you willing to sacrifice to stay true to you? What are you okay saying “no” to?

Yeah I am. I would say no to anything that stresses me out and keeps me up at night.

4. What areas of your life are humming?

My new business is already proving profitable, and it helps people who deserve it which feels really rewarding for me. I have a few great friends that I can talk to about anything without judgement. And my family is in good health.

5. What areas of your life do you want to make changes in?

I’d like to get out and date more. I’ve tried the apps (and will continue to) but they aren’t my jam. I’d also like to find even more focus in my current side-hustle/future full-time job.

6. What do you wish you were doing more of that makes you happy?

Currently, traveling. Coronavirus has altered that a bit. I’ve been taking road trips and whatnot to scratch the itch but I can’t wait to fly to a new destination! I also wish I had more time to spend on my side gig, but for now I”ll just work until midnight trying to make that dream a reality.

A few places I wouldn’t mind traveling to right now are Norman, Charlotte, or Chicago. (I have weekend city guides for each!)

7. What kinds of problems do you enjoy solving the most?

I really love helping people realize their worth – both financially and spiritually. Trying to figure out ways to fight for equality and justice brings me joy as well. I won’t say I never cared about those things before, but I wasn’t as passionate about them as I am now. I guess it all boils down to me wanting people to be happy and feel valued.

8. What about you makes you uniquely you?

I don’t know. A lot of things? I try to stay true to myself regardless, but I also care deeply about how people feel. I try to be understanding of everyone and give them chances. We all come from different places and have had different experiences that made us who we are today. So I try to get a sense of those things from people without judging everyone. I don’t always succeed in that – I can be judgey too.

Oh but back to the question! Uhm I think I have a unique personality. People tend to think they have me figured out, and sometimes they do, but most times they’re wrong. Even my own dad thinks he knows me through and through but there are things that I think shock him a little.

9. What are your values?

My family, my faith, honesty, love, relationships, my friends, joy, good health for everyone I love.

10. Who are some other people in your life that you admire? Why? 

My mom is hard headed and has more drive than anyone I’ve ever met. She doesn’t half do anything. She’s a completer and won’t stop until something is perfect. She also has this innocence about her and cares for people so effortlessly. She would do anything for anyone and is always thinking of other people.

My dad is stern but also hilarious. He’s always going to shoot you straight and will keep his mouth shut before he lies to make you feel good about something he thinks is wrong. I also admire the relationships he has with other people. His friends are friends for life. He talks to strangers and learns their whole life story. He’s just a people person which is really dope. He works for himself and makes the most of any situation. He’s doing what he loves – working on reel to reels. I just think he’s the coolest person I know.

My friend Janna is one of the most independent people I know. I love that about here – she walks proud and doesn’t let anything distract her. I think it would be hard to distract her because she cares about who and what she cares about – nothing more and nothing less. IDK how to explain it but I love that about her.

11. What are some commonalities in the people that you are drawn to?

Their drive and how they care for people. Honestly, they’re all hard-headed. I think I care too much about how people feel (not about me, just how their feelings are in general) to not take their thoughts into consideration.

12. What aspects of who you are do people find energizing?

My personality – I’m pretty honest with people and care about being authentic to myself. I don’t care too much about seeming to have a perfect life. I think people appreciate my “realness” (I hate that term.)

Well that’s it! Not too deep, not too light. Just answers to twelve questions that helped me put things into perspective. If any of these questions (or answers) resonate with you, I want to hear it! This was a cool thing to do, and I guess I recommend you trying it out as well. That’s all. Love ya!