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Why You Can Catch Me At The Pool This Winter #FBh2o

Why You Can Catch Me At The Pool This Winter |


I know what you’re thinking! Who on Earth goes swimming during the winter? Its cold, no ones there, and lets face it, you put on more weight during winter (at least I do). These were the things running through my mind when I was invited to check out the Farmers Branch Aquatic Center. But after seeing all that they offer during the colder months, I may or may not have changed my mind.




I never knew that there were so many exercises you could do in a pool! Of course I knew of the obvious, swimming laps, but while I can float and flail my arms, I’ve never been a great swimmer.




But the people over at the Farmers Branch Aquatic Center let me know about the awesome fitness classes they have! Of course they have your regular water aerobics with weights and such. The weights are just adorable and apparently give you a great workout!


They also have AQUA ZUMBA!!! I heard of aqua zumba like a year ago, but I never knew of any place that actually had the classes! Needless to say, I plan on heading over to try out this class soon. (Join me?) Mind you, I’m one of the worst most free-spirited dancers I know, so it should be pretty interesting!



While it is closed for winter, they also have an outdoor waterpark that looked like a bunch of fun for summer! I think what I love most about the Farmers Branch Aquatic Center is that its SO CLOSE for people in North Dallas! Its not super crowded and they have really nice facilities (as they should because they just opened this year).

Oh! And if you can’t swim they have swimming classes for adults!

And don’t worry, they’ve got you covered regardless.


If you have little ones (or even if you don’t) they have an awesome space for throwing parties, too!


So if you want to try a different type of workout this winter, head over and catch that Aqua Zumba class!

This post was sponsored by the Farmers Branch Aquatic Center but as always, opinions are my own!