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Wisdom Teeth: Don’t Panic! Here’s What Happens On Day 1

Wisdom Teeth: Don't Panic! Here's What Happens On Day 1 |


Y’all, my wisdom teeth have been bothering me for about 10 years. I wish I could say that I let the pain go on this long because I was too busy, but that would be a lie. I was just a grown-*@$ scaredy cat.  Thanks to the awesome pep-talk from the surgeon, I ended up feeling like less of a little wimp after being told what to expect.Turns out there wasn’t much to be afraid of after all. Because of that, I wrote this post to help any other newbies feel a little less anxious!


5 Things To Expect When You First Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed



It feels like Menopause came early! I really thought someone turned up the temperature after my procedure was done, but not. It was just me. Your body gets hot quick afterwards because of the anesthesia. But don’t be alarmed. It went away after a day or so for me.

Day one doesn’t hurt, it just feels really numb. Its pretty awkward not being able to feel your chin, lip, teeth, gums, or tongue. But, that is way better than the pain you could have felt! It gets pretty interesting when you go to drink or eat something. Mac and cheese and mashed potatoes were my best friends. And yes – I did slobber everywhere and drip gravy on my shirt. TMI? Oh well! I’m just keeping it real and giving you a heads up. This isn’t the best time to invite your new boo over to “take care of you”. Thank God Anthony has seen far more embarrassing things in our relationship! haha



You sleep like a panda bearAww panda bears. But, no seriously. You can be like me and try to fight it, but honestly there is no use. You will pass out and thats okay. Consider it a day of beauty rest! Lord knows you’ll need it with those puffy cheeks and droopy eyes.



You will feel a hundred pounds heavier! But, other than your swollen face, you won’t look it. Something about the anesthesia weights you down all day. Its great to have someone you can lean on to help you feel more balanced as you walk around.



Nausea is normal. If you ever get sea sickness or motion sickness, expect to be a little nauseous. It wasn’t bad enough to make me feel sick, but it definitely made me want to sit down a lot. Eating a good bit of food and drinking lots of liquids helps as well. My doctor recommended that I drank 2 quarts of liquid per day. They made me take a pill to dry out my mouth before the surgery so I was more than happy to guzzle  some sweet tea afterwards. He also recommended that I drink sweet drinks to clear out the taste of antibiotic. Just steal clear of OJ and carbonated drinks for a day. That’s right – No Le Croix or Perrier for you. Be bougie some other day!



I hope these helped you get a better insight into what it feels like right after you surgery. If you’re anything like me, you like to know what to expect ahead of time so that you don’t freak out when the time comes. If you’ve had this procedure done, and think that I forgot anything, help some sisters out and put your tips in the comments below!




Here’s a video from my Snapchats from yesterday. I wasn’t nearly as delirious as some of the other videos that win the internet! Oh, and if you aren’t already, follow me to keep up with all shenanigans!



…and yes. I am going to work today! haha



Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, dentist, or surgeon. These are simply my experiences with getting my wisdom teeth removed. While they are meant to help, they are also meant to make you smile! #NotDrGinger